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Portland Fish Markets

For many years, Portland has been one of the major shipping ports in the United States. Consequently, seafood is a popular delicacy in this city. Due to the high demand for seafood, Portland fish markets have continuously grown over time. Currently, numerous Portland fish suppliers offer different fish species and products. But only a few like Treasures of the Sea stand out due to their exceptional services and products.

Portland Fish Markets

Why we are industry leaders in Portland

We provide fresh and quality fish

There is a wide range of fish species and products available in Portland fish markets. But not all fish retailers in Portland offer fresh fish. So, how do you know that your fish is quality and fresh off the boat? Purchase from Treasures of the sea. We do our very best to get local, fresh, quality fish. We use the best storage methods to keep all our fish products in good condition at all times.

Affordable market prices

We, Treasures of the sea, are the number one Portland wholesale retailer due to our budget-friendly prices. We understand that most of our customers have fixed budgets. Therefore, our salmon products are relatively low-priced. Even if you have a tight budget, you can always find a fish product that caters to your budget. More often than not, we set our prices slightly below the market prices to attract a larger clientele. Despite our low prices, we offer high-quality fish products. Call us to purchase the most affordable Portland fish products without compromising on quality.

We make custom orders

Here at Treasures of the Sea, we provide a broad spectrum of salmon products catering to different requirements. Thus, you can always find what works for you. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for, we are always ready to customize your order. We have experts with a wide range of experience who can make all fish products. You can trust us with your order; we promise you won’t get disappointed.

Reliable shipping wholesale services

Purchase and ship fish products through Treasures of the Sea. We love catering to different appetites; thus, we offer shipping services to other cities. All you have to do is make your order and leave the rest to us. Our experienced staff will organize how your package will get delivered to your doorstep. We partner with the best shipping companies in Portland to deliver your order before your deadline. With us, you need not worry. We make sure to keep you updated each step of the way. Also, you can reach us through call, message, and any other online platform if you have any questions.

We value our customers

One of our main objectives at Treasures of the Sea is to deliver maximum satisfaction for our customers. Our salespeople portray professionalism and excellent customer service when dealing with clients. In turn, we establish a strong rapport with our customers. Since our customers come first, we deliver nothing but quality. We also walk with our clients throughout the whole purchase process. We advise you on the best wholesale fish products to purchase. Also, we address all your fears, queries, and doubts.

Rare species

Here at Treasures of the Sea, we sell rare species like King Salmon. We all know how it’s hard to find the king salmon in Portland fish markets, but you can always get them from us. We also go a step further to make the famous salmon product; king salmon caviar. If you are having a hard time looking for a certain fish species, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to help you out.

Portland Fish Markets

A broad spectrum of salmon products

With us, you can find almost any salmon product. We provide unlimited fish product options for you to help you prepare different delicacies. Some of our salmon products include Caviar and smoked salmon. Additionally, we show you how to use these salmon products to make mouthwatering meals on our blog. As seen earlier, we can always customize your fish products to match your requirements.

Instant replies and fast deliveries

Once you make your order, we organize an immediate delivery for you. This way, you can get your fish products on the same day you make your order. Also, you can always pick your order from our physical store anytime after you make the purchase. We also do our best to ensure all our shipped orders get to our clients as soon as possible. In case of any queries, our customer support team will get in touch with you immediately. We are online 24/7 and focused on giving you the best services and products.

Get quality salmon products from the best Portland fish retailer

Today, Portland fish markets offer a wide range of fish species. However, it would be best to find a reliable fish supplier with quality and fresh fish like Treasures of the Sea. If you are looking for wholesale fish products, we got you covered.

Written by: Sarah Wambua

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