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Salmon Caviar


Treasures of the Sea sets the standard for delicious King Salmon Caviar. Locally sourced and shipped fresh to your door. Only $59.99 per 16 ounce jar.

*Local pricing & in-store orders are sold at 25% off.  Please use promo code Get25Treasure.  Please call us at (503) 850-7227 if you have any questions. We can do also deliver in Portland-Vancouver area for orders of $250 and up.

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The roe in our famous  Salmon Caviar is known for its large – medium-sized eggs, and a superb blast of salty flavor. Treasures of the Sea caviar is naturally sourced from the local area. These gleaming rosy-orange roe are a delicate addition to your favorite seafood meals. Delicious when served on its own as a popular appetizer. Dollop some on top of sushi for a little additional zing! This sustainable caviar is both affordable and tasty, and it’s a must-have in your refrigerator for all of your favorite dishes. For years, Treasures of the Sea has set the standard in high-quality smoked salmon throughout the Portland area. Discerning salmon lovers, choose safely and locally sourced Portland salmon caviar.

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