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Smoked Sablefish


European style smoked Sablefish. Plump, moist, smoky and sweet Smoked SableFish is truly an amazing addition to your table.  8oz – $28.99

*Local pricing & in-store orders are sold at 25% off. Please use promo code Get25Treasure. Please call us at (503) 850-7227  if you have any questions.    We can do also free delivery in Portland-Vancouver area for orders of $250 and up.

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European style smoked Sablefish. 8oz of thinly sliced portion ready to eat.  Plump, moist, smoky and sweet Sablefish is truly an amazing addition to your table. A favorite of the Pacific Northwest for generations, Smoked Sablefish is enjoyed East to West. We are proud to be able to offer our delicious thinly sliced plump juicy Sablefish in our online store.

Sablefish is a European delicacy. A popular fish served in restaurants, deli’s and sold be retailers nationwide. It’s often difficult to find good European style Sablefish that is authentic and tasty. Treasures of the Sea prides itself on serving the best locally sourced Sablefish you can find in the Pacific Northwest. It’s what distinguishes our line of Smoked Fish from many other smokeries in the local area.

If you are a Sablefish lover, you will definitely enjoy our line of Smoked Sablefish. Local customers come into our Smoked Salmon Shop all the time to sample this delicious fish and wind up buying enough to entertain guests and family. It makes the perfect addition to your table and is available for order nationwide. We deliver our fresh fish via FedEx so that it gets to your door, ready to be served to your family the next day.

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