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Smoked Salmon Bagel Box


(21 customer reviews)

Bagels & Lox Box with Smoked Salmon

Salmon lovers will be in heaven with our premium European style smoked Salmon (6oz), Smoked salmon herbed spread (6oz), 4 assorted Bagels. Also includes Capers and our own recipe marinated red onions.

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Bagels & Lox Box

Our Smoked Salmon Bagel Box is the ideal package. Salmon lovers will be in heaven with our premium European style smoked Salmon (6oz), Smoked salmon herbed spread (6oz), 4 assorted Bagels. Also includes Capers and our own recipe marinated red onions. Our bagel boxes provide everything Salmon lovers need to have the ultimate Bagel & Lox experience.

Why People Love Our Bagels & Lox

Featuring locally sourced Salmon, prepared in our authentic and traditional European style recipe. Shipped with assorted bagels, capers and red onions, all you need is cream cheese to make the meal complete. Consequently, we also sell a delicious Smoked Salmon Spread that is the absolutely perfect add-on to go with our bagel box.

The Original Bagel Box

There are a few other online retailers for Bagel & Lox packages. None the less, no one has managed to duplicate the flavors in our traditional European style smoked salmon. So don’t settle for substitutes. Our bagel box has that authentic flavor you’ve come to know and love. A popular snack from East to West, Bagels and Lox are a Sunday breakfast tradition in many parts of the country. While you can purchase bagels and lox in many parts of the country, it’s very difficult to find the authentic flavors most people are looking for. Many supermarkets and deli’s carry a limited variety. Hence, the bagel boxes we sell cater to people who are looking for a truly authentic Bagel & Lox experience and want that taste that brings them back.

Learn More About Our Bagel Boxes From Food Critic, Joe The Food Guy

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Weight16 oz

Bagel Box, With Extra Capers, With Extra Marinated Onions, With Extra Capers & Marinated Onions

21 reviews for Smoked Salmon Bagel Box

  1. Avatar

    Carl Miller

  2. Avatar

    Beth Handler

  3. Avatar

    Emily Anderson

  4. Avatar

    Oksana Morozov

    Bagel boxes these guys sell are really good. Big fan of bagels and lox and they do it right. Would recommend you give it a try if you love lox and bagels.

  5. Avatar

    David Zimmerman

  6. Avatar

    Harold Bauer

  7. Avatar

    Victoria Jossler

    Saw these posted on a message board in Portland. Thought I’d give them a try because of all the great reviews. We tried them last Sunday and can’t stop raving about them. The lox was soooooooo good.

  8. Avatar

    Frank Rizzo

    Bagels and lox were fantastic.

  9. Avatar

    Dan Nichols

  10. Avatar

    Anna Lebedev

    I loved this Bagels & Lox box. The salmon spread is absolutely to die for. Ordered another one just now.

  11. Avatar

    Joe Dutch

    Absolutely delicious. I received one as a present recently from my Mother. Salmon was fresh and smokey. I loved the salmon spread kit with the capers and onions. I just came on to tell you how pleased I was with your brand. I ordered a bagel box to send back as a thank you gift. I hope my Mother enjoys it as much as I did.

  12. Avatar

    Marina Stepanov

  13. Avatar

    Aaron Schindler

    Very surprised at how delicious everything was. Have had the Smoked Salmon in Portland before so I knew were were in for a treat. The smoked salmon was incredible. FedEx to Long Island and everything was still fresh. Thank you for the coupon too, that was very nice.

  14. Avatar

    Lidiya Chernyshevsky

    We just got our bagel box. Everything was delicious. The marinated onions and capers were a great touch. Smoked salmon was fresh and delicious. Yes, would buy this again.

  15. Avatar

    Joshua Smirnov

    Your bagel boxes were a big hit at the breakfast my company catered. Everybody loved the bagels and lox. Just found your website and ordered one for myself for the weekend. I loved the salmon spread, would love to learn how to make that.

  16. Avatar

    Janice Hall

    Salmon was delicious, so was the spread. Wasn’t a big fan of the variety of bagels. Wish you had an option to just choice plain ones.

  17. Avatar

    Alice Gimble

  18. Avatar

    Nick Agapov

    Received my bagel & lox box. Lox was really delicious and the bagels were fresh. Thank you for including a sample of the jerky I asked for. I’ll be ordering some today.

  19. Avatar

    Patrick Jankowski

  20. Avatar

    Marvin Neuman

    Thanks for the promo code. Glad I tried the bagel box. Your bagels and lox are really good. Was definitely surprised at how everything was. Everything shipped really well to Las Vegas. Glad I found your site. Will be ordering again very soon.

  21. Avatar

    George Varick

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