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Smoked Salmon Jerky


Our delicious Smoked Steelhead Salmon Jerky are truly addictive. you won”t be able to stop once you”ve tried it.  A mildly salty smoked favorite.

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Salmon Jerky

Salmon Jerky makes the ideal healthy snack. Locally sourced by Treasures of the Sea, our steelhead salmon is caught in the Pacific North West. If you’re a salmon lover, you’ll enjoy our Smoked Salmon Jerky. Our Smoked Salmon Shop brines and cures it using our traditional recipe for several days to create the perfect texture and taste.

With so many Jerky options to choose from, why go with Salmon? A popular European traditional snack, Salmon Jerky has caught on with the greater Jerky craze. Anything can be made into a Jerky these days, but our delicious sweet and savory Smoked Salmon makes the ideal healthy jerky snack for those who prefer to enjoy a healthier Jerky option.

Smoked Salmon Jerky

Smoked Salmon Jerky is also one of those great snacks you can take with you on the go. There is no healthier fish than Salmon, the Omega’s and B12’s the fish delivers make it the ideal jerky snack to enjoy. Particularly for those who enjoy the great taste of Smoked Salmon, this great snack will definitely satisfy Salmon lovers.

Treasures of the Sea is proud to sell our line of Salmon Jerky nationwide. Shipped fresh to your door via FedEx and ready to enjoy the moment you open the package. You’ll get that sweet smokey aroma and delicious taste of Smoked Steelhead Salmon.

Learn More About Our Salmon Jerky From Food Critic, Joe The Food Guy

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