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Wholesale Fish Retailer

Although there has been enormous growth in the fish industry over the years, we cannot deny that most seafood wholesalers are relatively outdated. Most seafood wholesalers still deal with a lot of paperwork. Therefore, it takes slightly longer to deliver their products. But we, Treasures of the Sea, are different. We use an online system to foster an efficient and fast-moving supply chain. We provide a wide range of fish species and deliver our products within a short time. Consequently, this makes us the number one wholesale fish retailer in Portland.

Wholesale Fish Retailer

Why we are the number one wholesale fish retailer in Portland

Quick and efficient deliveries: Purchase our fish products within a few minutes

Here at Treasures of the Sea, we incorporate an efficient communication system that keeps you updated until your package gets delivered. Also, as you wait for your order, feel free to ask us any questions. In case you are wondering, we also ship our fish products wholesale. So, your location doesn’t matter; you can buy your fish products from us. We have various online platforms where you can reach us at any time. All our deliveries arrive within the specified time-frame. And we update you in case of any changes. If you want to buy fish wholesale, do not hesitate to contact us.

Unlimited choice of salmon products

We, treasures of the sea, offer a wide range of salmon products that meet different requirements. With us, you can find any salmon product, from bagel boxes to caviar. Our professionals at Treasures of the Sea have extensive experience in making different salmon products. Therefore, you rest assured of quality. All our salmon products are tasty, and you can use them to make various seafood recipes. Moreover, if you’d like a salmon product that is not on our list, we will be more than happy to make it for you. We understand that most people who buy wholesale salmon prefer taking different salmon products. And that’s why we come up with a broad spectrum of salmon products. Check out our website to see the different salmon products we offer.

We ship wholesale fish

Unlike most Portland fish retailers, we provide shipping services. Feel free to order from us even if you do not reside in Portland. We have strong networks with the most reliable shipping companies in Portland. Therefore, you can always count on us to deliver before your time deadline. Our customer service team will communicate with you while giving you all the necessary updates until all your salmon products get delivered. We’ll include the shipping prices in the initial invoice, so you don’t have to pay anything directly to the shipping company.

100% order at each step

On your first consultation, we pay attention to every detail. This way, we help you choose the best salmon products based on your budget and requirements. After you select your preferred salmon products, we calculate the total costs. Then, we send you an invoice showing a detailed breakdown of the costs to understand the origin of the final costs. Our sales experts send the invoice via email in the form of a PDF attachment. Once you agree to proceed with the sale, we’ll send you the payment process and have your products delivered to your doorstep. If you’d like wholesale fish shipping services, we’ll include the extra costs on the invoice. Then, we’ll send the salmon products over to you. You need not worry; we established excellent networks with the best and affordable shipping companies over the years. Your package is always in safe hands.

Wholesale Fish Retailer

Successful purchase history

Our successful purchase history has made us the best wholesale fish retailer in Portland. All our customers report that our salmon products are fresh and of high quality. Besides, we aim at delivering maximum customer satisfaction. Thus, we maintain constant communication with all our clients. Subsequently, we build a strong rapport with all our clients.

Exceptional customer service

We handle all our customers using a personalized approach. At Treasures of the Sea, we respond to all your questions within a short time and help you make a wise purchase decision. Our salespersons take time to take you through all our salmon products. Then, they recommend the best fish products that suit your requirements. Besides, we make your work easier by organizing everything for you. All you have to do is make your order and wait for it at your doorstep.

We are the number one wholesale fish retailer in Portland!

It is clear to see that we are industry leaders. If you are looking for a wholesale fish retailer in Portland, look no further. We, Treasures of the Sea got you covered. We offer dependable wholesale fish shipping services. You can make your order with us from wherever you are.

Written by: Sarah Wambua

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