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Treasures of the Sea – Smoked Salmon Shop

Portland Smoked Salmon is our specialty. We are a traditional Smoked Salmon Shop serving the pride of the Pacific Northwest, King Salmon. Based in Portland, Oregon, our Smoke Shop’s online store sells a wide variety of Salmon products that cater to every appetite. Order fresh Cold Smoked Salmon, Caviar, or try our new Bagel Boxes.

Learn more about why our Smoked Salmon Shop is becoming a local favorite. If you are local or visiting the Portland area, stop in to try a free sample of our delicious Salmon Spread and Smoked Salmon Jerky. Not only do we sell directly to consumers, we also sell to a wide variety of vendors and stores in the local area. Try the best smoked salmon in Portland. Treasures of the Sea is one the premium local suppliers of Cold Smoked Salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

King Salmon Caviar

Treasures of the Sea sets the standard for delicious King Salmon Caviar. Locally sourced and shipped fresh to your door. Only $50 per container.

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European Style Smoked Salmon Sliced

Made in an old European tradition, brined in spices and cured.  Delicate, subtle, and mild. Our smoking process is designed to celebrate the  greatness of salmon. The smoke  brings out it’s delicate flavors.

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Cold Smoked Salmon

Made in an old European tradition, brined in spices and cured.  Delicate, subtle, and mild. Our smoking process is designed to celebrate the  greatness of salmon. The smoke  brings out it’s delicate flavors. Our smoked  salmon is a mild, low salt cure, delicately smoked for a perfect balance of flavor and texture    

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Smoked Salmon Ring

Smoked salmon Cream cheese wraped with European style smoked salmon.  Garnished with capers and fresh dill.  A 32 ounces of delicacy.

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Smoked Salmon Jerky

Steelhead salmon, caught in Pacific NW, brined and cured for several days to create perfect texture and taste.

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Learn More About Treasures of the Sea

Treasures of the Sea sells the bounty of the Pacific Northwest in our online smoked Salmon Shop. If you’re looking to buy Salmon online, our store makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Our Bagel Boxes and Cold Smoked Salmon are some of our best sellers. Customers rave about how delicious and satisfying our smoked salmon is. You may have tried other Salmon before, but once you’ve had the 0pportunity to taste the difference, you’ll know. Treasures of the Sea is known for our unique European blend of spices that make our Salmon so healthy & tasty.

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